Kids Lunch

What is the standard menu for kids in your country? 
I know Mac and Cheese, Quesadilla ,Chicken nuggets, Hot Dog, Fish and Chips,Pizza, Corn Dogs, Pasta and Grilled Cheese Sandwich in the america. What else?
I'm very interesting!

Here is the Japanese one.

Japanese kids meal
Croquette, spaghetti Napolitan, Hanburger steak, fried prawn, Chicken and rice fried and seasoned with tomato ketchup (Don't forget a flag!) and desert.
They like Omrice, too. (Omrice is a Omlet which is containing stir fried tomato ketchup rice as a filling.)



  1. Hey, I love your blog! :D
    I'm from England. Here the children like to eat: fish fingers, ham or strawberry jam sandwiches, chocolate!! crisps, chocolate flavour cereal (like Coco Pops), etc.
    At school they usually are served: chips (thick fries), pizza, burgers, baked potato and some traditional foods like meat pie, sausages and mash, etc.

  2. Thank you for your comment, Rachel!!!
    Wow!! This is what I love to know!
    After I read your comment I immediately checked England traditional food on internet. Meat pie looks so yummy. and fish fingers? I might want to try with soy sauce and mayo.
    I really hope I could go all over the world to see other food culture!
    Thanks again!




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