Having fun!

I'm having fun in Denver!
I got tons of coffee cup for my family. They will love it!
I'm leaving to the National park in Utah.
I need sun lotion and snack and candy, of course!


I'm in the USA!

Hello from Denver!
I've visitted Maui and LA before Denver.
I feel I'm getting bigger here...
I ate Humburger, creamy Ice cream, Pasta, Pizza, sugarly Chocolate, pancake and more and more!
I hope I could show you the photos. but I can't fugured out how to put pic on here...
I should have bring my laptop...
It's OK!
I will show you later!!!


Good Bye My SUSHI!

I will miss you...

I just said Good Bye to my love... Sushi...
yeah, I'm going to the US tomorrow.
I will miss you, Sushi... Take care yourself.

Rough Note

I'm wondering if I could make a Cooking website in English which has a nutrition calculator function. It would be helpful to cook healthier food.
Unfortunately, I am not computer person... I've never even make it such as like videotape setting... you know, I just don't have that kind of sense...
But I will give it try.

Here is the Rough note, just for a sample that I can see what I want to do with website.

*I have a Bento Box, or I have a Plate. 

*I can find a food from each category. It suppose to classify into dish groups(ex: Entree, Side,Salad... ) ,Ingredients groups (ex:Vegetable, Meat,Egg...), Nutritional groups (ex:Protein,Carb,VitaminC...),Situation groups(ex:Home Party, Event,Potluck...).

*When I decide what I wanna cook, then I could see the Directions, Ingredients, Nutrition and calories. Also, If I enter how many servings, it calculate all of things. I could change units as well(ex: g,oz,lb,ml...).

*Drag favorite food to my Bento Box.
In the end, It should be show me total calories,nutrition, recipe, etc! Hopefully, it could print out all of data. then I can bring it when I go to grocery, and I can see the recipe when I cook.

It's just a my dream, but I'm hoping I could make this things come true.
It sounds tough!!!


Mission 3-- Coffee Cup

Japanese size is always smaller than other countries.
My dad wants me to get American size coffee cup.

It's from New Orleans! I like this cup very much!!!

Mission 2-- Tatto Bandages

What I have to do in America is... get Tatoo Bandage!


America! *mission1* Chocolate Chip Cookie

I'm going to America next week!
wooooowww! I'm so exciting.
I will go to maui, LA,Denver and Utah.
I plan to visit Moab in Utah with my friends. I love the U.S. National park a lot! so, I'm hoping I can see beautiful place in the Utah!
Lalalala~♪ ラララー♪

well, I miss American Chocolate Chip Cookie! I have to get it!


Golden Week!

Golden Week!
April 29 , May 3 to 5 is Golden week, known as a big holidays in Japan.
Weather is so nice with fresh green, I mean little bit hot though!
well, I'm hoping if I cook something for kids on May 5. because it is Children's day in Japan.
Let's see I have enough time or not! I'm busy so far.


Japan (140) Sweets (111) for kids (72) cook in the american style (68) column (51) 日本語 (47) America (41) chocolate (37) vegetable (37) fruits (32) diet (27) easy (26) healthy (25) meat (24) Breakfast (22) tea (20) travel (20) Egg (19) dessert (19) snack (19) item (17) Idea (16) Tofu (16) Bread (14) spring (14) rice (13) spice (12) the basics (12) Event (11) press (9) Sauce (8) Soy Milk (8) bento (6) summer (6) Autumn (5) 郷土料理 (5) Movie (4) book (4) Bake shop (3) Seafood (3) Test (3) kagawa (3) noodle (3) plant (3) introduction (2) peanut butter (2) tokyo days (2) trip (2) Recipe review (1) a (1) fish (1) 海外バズりレシピ (1)