I'm your biggest fan! dancyu

I've been reading dancyu magazine since I was a kids. probably it's longer than 15 years.

It's all about food! 
I've never disappointed with this book! Topic is sensible. Hi quality food photos. Even they show us the recipe by famous restaurant's chef with a thoughtful and scrupulous explanation. How nice! That's the reason why I keep reading this magazine. 

Anyway, I'm wondering why there are many food magazine in the US yet people don't cook that much? 


  1. As an American I can try to answer that.

    1. We are lazy. I can even speak for myself here too. I try to cook dinner every night but sometimes I just don't feel like it. Tonite, for example, I picked up pizza.

    2. There are SO MANY fast food places and other quick and cheap eats everywhere.

    Anyway, I love to cook and read food mags. :)

  2. >Principessa
    Thank you for your answer!
    I see. I'm lazy too! I don't cook when I'm so tired after long day. I just pick up Bento at CVS such as Lawson, Family mart etc.
    I feel like to say, Those american food magazines are fancy and gorgeous for daily meal. but, It is very entertaining read! I love it too!




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