Japanese School Lunch

Have you ever read  'Never Seconds', a blog run by 9-year-old school girl, documents her school lunch everyday with the photos.
I's worth reading since I have interested in kid's meal, healthy food and school lunch. I can see what is really happening in other country.

This week's guest blogger was a Japanese guy 'doni' who is blogging about Japanese school lunch from tokyo.

He uploaded many photos of Japanese School Lunch. it's all looks delicious! and now I want to back to school!!! (well I'm too old..)
I really enjoyed his blog posts. and if you have interested in Japanese school Lunch, you can read it here.


Fig Gelatin

I saw figs at grocery store, farmers market, outside and everywhere right now!

How Can I ignore them!!!

It's pretty pink inside and taste fresh! So I made Fig gelatin desserts with fresh figs!!! hehe!
Do you want to try it?
Here is recipe for you.
*Ingredients* 4 servings
4 fresh figs
1 cup water
5g unflavored granulated gelatin
3 tbsp sugar
2 tsp apricot brandy (only if you want)

1. Peel the skin of the figs.
2. In a sauce pan, put water, sugar and brandy. Heat over low heat. add figs, shimmer it for 10 minutes.
syrup turns light pink color!
3. Turn off. and when it cool enough, Store in an container with lid in the refrigerator over night.
4. Take figs out from syrup. Cut into quarters, gently. set the fig in the small glasses.
5. Heat syrup in a sauce pan until boiling. and turn off, add gelatin, mix well to dissolve.
6. Pour into the glasses on top of the figs and chill for 2 hours, until set.

yaay! Enjoy your fresh dessert!!!
yum yum.






*材料* 4人前
無花果 4個
水 250ml
粉ゼラチン 5g
砂糖 大さじ3
アプリコットブランデー 小さじ2 (入れなくてもいいです。お好みで)

1. 無花果の皮を剥きます。
2. 小さいお鍋に水と砂糖を入れて弱火にかけ、無花果を加え、10分程煮ます。
3. 無花果を取り出して、1/4に切ります。そっとね。器に無花果を入れておきます。
4. 残ったシロップをお鍋にかけ、軽く沸騰したら火を止めて、ゼラチンを加え溶かします。
5. 器にゼラチン液を流し込み、粗熱が取れたら冷蔵庫で冷やし固めます。




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