Setsubun and Fortune Sushi Roll 節分と恵方巻き

Today February 3 is Setsubun, the last day of winter according to the old calendar in Japan.
It is also the day of the bean scattering ceremony to drive out devils and invite good fortune.
We say 'Out with the devil, in with good fortune!' while throw the beans.

Technically, We use roasted soybeans but I got these peanuts this year.hehe.
People eat the same number of of beans as their age to wish for good health.

oh, and I made devil Origami. cute?

In the west of Japan, people eat 'Fortune Sushi Roll'.
There are some rules how to eat Fortune Sushi Roll.
1,Face the fortune direction of the year.
2,Eat an entire Sushi without speaking.
3,Don't stop until you are finished.

I know I should have eaten whole long sushi quietly. but I felt something funny and weird with 2 and 3 part of rules. 
It's OK. go my way.

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring in Japan.
We are still having cold day though.


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