三色花見団子風スノーボールクッキー HANAMI DANGO snow ball cookies.




Is this a Dango? No, It's 3 colors mexican wedding cakes!
三色花見団子風スノーボールクッキー(40-43個 串に3つずつさすと約14本)
無塩バター 100g
上白糖 60g
薄力粉 130g
コーンスターチ 20g
バニラオイル 1〜2滴
きなこ 小さじ2
抹茶 小さじ1
粉砂糖 適量


1. バターをレンジで溶かし、上白糖を加え混ぜる。
2. 薄力粉とコーンスターチをふるい入れ、サックリ混ぜる。(混ぜ過ぎないこと!)

3. 生地を三等分し、きなこをふるい入れ混ぜたきなこ生地、抹茶をふるい入れ混ぜた抹茶生地、バニラオイルを加えたプレーン生地を作る。(手で混ぜるのが一番簡単。)
4. 丸めて並べ、三色を串でさす。

5. 串の持ち手の部分はアルミホイルで巻き、串が燃えてしまわないようにする。

6. オーブンで約10分焼き、あら熱が取れたら粉砂糖をまぶす。




Since Japan is having a hard time, I wanted to make something to brighten up your day.
I believe in the power of food.
Here is snow ball cookies (mexican wedding cakes) yet, It's imitation HANAMI DANGO.
Hahaha! It's just for fun!
Hanami dango is while eaten during Hanami (Cherry blossom viewing). and also It's usually 3 colors dango.
So, I made 3 colors snowball cookies, just like a Hanami Dango!

vanilla, matya(Green tea), kinako(soy flour)
*Ingredients* about 3 cookies ×14
100g Unsalted butter
60g Sugar
130g Cake flour
20g Corn starch
Vanilla extract to taste
2 tsp Kinako (soy bean flour)
1 tsp Matcha (green tea powder)
sufficient Confectioners' sugar to roll.

Preheat oven to 350F.
Shift together flour and corn starch.

1. Microwave the butter until it melted, Combine sugar and butter together. 

2.Combine flour and corn starch with a spatula. 

3. Divide the dough into 3. Add vanilla for one dough,  add kinako for another, and add matcha for the rest. Form each dough into small balls.

4. Skewer each colors of cookie dough. Place on the parchment paper.

5. Wrap handle of skewer in an aluminum foil to not catching a fire.

6. Bake about 10 minutes.the cookies shouldn't be browned.
7. When it cooled, Roll in confections' sugar.

Also,You can  add some crushed nuts, Of corse!

Enjoy spring season with Japanese treats.

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