Julie & Julia

I just watched movie 'Julie & Julia'.
Wow! It was really great movie. I was teary eyed all thorough the movie.
Have you ever watched it? if you haven't, you should check it out. 
You will love it!

Julie is a women who she is working for government. and she used to want to be a writer. but she couldn't.
Julia is known as a famous chef in the USA. She used to live in Paris with her husband. and she tried make a French cooking book but in English.

Both 2 of them are trying to make a change. and it's not easy at all.

Here I am, I understand cooking is very hard to manage. I do melt down when I can't cooking well.
I'm writing blog.
I wanted to introduce the Japanese food in English and also american food for Japanese people. but I'm in a slump right now.

It was good to know we shared some commons.
and, I guess you will shared something by them.


  1. Hi Jen!
    oh yeah, I don't know about French style cooking but you can see it and it's very interesting!!!




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