MATCHA Espresso Granita

It's been a hot day in these days!
I'm living near by Tokyo, Kanto area. The weather report says the rainy season is over this week in Kanto.
So, It's officially Hot Summer has come!!!

I wanted to make Homemade MATCHA Popsicle at first, but I slightly changed my mind to make Homemade Granita.

It's pretty easy. Only 3 ingredients you need. MATCHA powder and Sugar!and Milk if you like.)
I tested to cook MATCHA Latte Granita. Then I tried MATCHA Espresso Granita.
Both are very very good. Latte one is mild, milky. Espresso one is felt more MATCHA bitter. It would be taste fit for adults.

I prefer Latte to Espresso. But when I put vanilla ice cream on Espresso one, Hmmm It's good too!
MATCHA Espresso Granita
Cool down with perfect cool dessert!

MATCHA Latte Granita! 
2 tsp MATCHA powder
2 tbsp sugar
200m (about 7oz) water (if you like to make a latte, 100ml water and 100ml milk)


1. In a small bowl, sift MATCHA powder and Slowly whisk in small amount of boiling water, then Add sugar and water. Strain into a container.

2. Freeze for 2 hours and then mix well, breaking up the crystals around the edge of the container and mixing them toward the center. Freeze for 1 hours and mix again.

3. Scratch up the granita with a fork and serve in small glasses. If it gets too hard, leave it out at room temperature for a few minutes to soften a little before serving.

4. Vanilla Ice cream or Condenced Milk is always welcome on the top!

note: If you use a baking dishit will freeze quicker.


抹茶パウダー 小さじ2
砂糖 大さじ2
水 200ml (ラテにする場合は水100mlと牛乳100mlで)

1. お抹茶パウダーを少量のお湯で溶かし、砂糖を加え、分量のお水を加えてよく混ぜます。
2. 茶漉しで漉して、タッパーなどに入れて冷凍庫で2時間ほど凍らせます。
3. 途中まで凍っているところを混ぜて、また1時間ほど凍らせます。
4. フォークでザクザクっと掘って混ぜ、器に盛りつけます。お好みで、バニラアイスや練乳をかけると一段と美味しいです。



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