How's your food experience?

I'm interested in american food, and school lunch for kid's.
I'm wondering How is their food experience in the other countries?

Here is my idea.
I think all food is OK.
I usually don't like to judge which is good or bad. because I would like to respect personal taste.
but, It doesn't mean I don't care what we supposed to eat.
I do care how you are happy with the food in your life.

I saw many people have too many likes and dislike in the america.
Some people only eat junk food and snack. on the other hand, some people only eat vegetable.
I felt it is unbalance. It's OK when you have a choice. 
but,,, How about kid's?
They have no chance to have a right to choose. They don't have food experience that much. 
Is this fair for kid's? I don't think so.

There are some people start change the food culture in the america.
I love this! even it looks so tough! Oh, no! He is Mr. pea!
I hope I can get in this movement too.

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