BENTO for cherry blossom viewing

I went to Cherry blossom(SAKURA) viewing at the night a few days ago.
It was very pretty!
I saw many people enjoy having the party under the tree.

I feel that life is the transitoriness of fleeting things when I see SAKURA. So, that's the reason why It is beautiful too.  
Spring has come around every year. but, Never come back same one. you know?
I like SAKURA. It looks dreamy as if not of this world. 

anyway, Here is the BENTO what I made for Cherry blossom viewing.

Oh yeah! I like this!


  1. omgoshhhh! I LOVE JAPANESE FOOD! the japanese food in japan is so different from here! slurps slurps =)

    Jen from

  2. Hi Jenny,
    Thank you for your comment!
    oh yeah, I know Japanese food in the other countries is very different. That's not real Japanese food... It's OK. I take that.
    I will add you right away. Thanks☆




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