Green Tea MATCHA Cookies.

I got a message from SF friend. 
He says he wants to try my Cookies.

As it happens, I was thinking if I can start give away things on this blog.
So, this Green Tea MATCHA cookies would be the first one as a test driving.

This time, I used not only White chocolate but Green Tea Chocolate.
Green tea Chocolate

Green dough.
start exciting!

I'm planning to do the next 'give away' for my dear readers. but I just still not so sure food is fine with international delivery or not. especially home-made one...
well, Let's see how it works!


  1. Well, I hope that you will fall in love with making Marshmallow too, because I think that I will have a lot of marshmallow recipes to share, matcha powder melbourne

    1. Thank you for the comment!
      I might want to try to make Marshmallow!
      Maybe Green Tea Marble Marshmallow.




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