お盆に団子 Sweet SHIRATAMA DANGO dumpling

I made SHIRATAMA DANGO as an  offering of Bon festival.
one is KINAKO (soy flour) Dango.

and another is sweet red bean Dango.
Chewy dumpling!

I love any kind of DANGO dumpling! It's chewy and gooey texture!!!
but, Please be careful with your kids. they could choke with Dango...
I ate some of them while cooking! ahhh, soo good!

*Ingredients* 4 servings
150g (5 and 1/4 oz) SHIRATAMA flour (rifined rice flour)
100ml Unsweetened soy milk
40ml Water
1can Boiled and sweetened azuki red beans
3 tbsp Soy flour
3 and 1/2 tbsp Powdered  Black unrefined sugar.(you can use any kind of sugar, instead )
a pinch of salt

Boil water in a pot.
Blend soy flour and sugar and salt in a plastic bag.
rattle rattle
1. In a bowl, put SHIRATAMA flour, add soy milk and water gradually until the dough turns as soft as  your earlobe. (you can use just water 140ml instead of using 100ml soy milk + 40ml water. I just like soy milk very much. )
make sure the dough is not too wet but not too hard.
2. make a small bowl with your hand.

then, press the center of the ball gently with your finger. (to make center of dumpling cook evenly and easier.)

3. put dumpling in a boiling water and boil them till float.
when dumpling came up surface, it means cooked!
4. Remove the dumpling and cool them in a cold water with ice. when it cooled, drain dumpling.
5. Serve 1/2 of dumpling with sweet red beans paste. Dredge 1/2 of dumpling in soy flour to coat.

Hope you like Japanese traditional sweets!!! Enjoy☆




白玉粉 150g
豆乳 100ml
水 40ml
茹で小豆 1缶
黒砂糖(粉末タイプ) 大さじ3と1/2
塩 ひとつまみ

1. 白玉粉に豆乳と水を少しずつ加え、耳たぶくらいの柔らかさにする
2. お団子状に丸め、沸騰したお湯で茹で、浮いてきたら氷水にあげる。
3. 水をよく切り、きな粉にまぶします。またはつぶあんに絡める。



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