超簡単!和風Shrimp Scampi! Soy sauce flavored Shrimp Scampi

Do you like Seafood? I love it!!!
Calamari, Scallop sushi, Cram chowder and yes! Shrimp Scampi!!!
I wanted to make a Shrimp Scampi somehow in Japanese style.
so, I added Soy sauce and chive.
How does it work? hehe! I made it! Soy flavor make me drool♪
I guarantee it's so delicious. and it's so easy.
Good for with Rice and Pasta! Try it out!
with Rice! yummy!
*Ingredients* 2 serving
260g  Jumbo Shrimp
20g unsalted butter
1 tsp minced garlic
80g Zucchini
salt and pepper to taste
1 tbsp Soy sauce
Lemon juice to taste

1 Shell (tail-on) Shrimp and deveined.

2 heat a skillet on medium heat. Add butter and garlic.
3 when it start smell garlic, Add shrimp and stir until it turns pink.
4 Add Zucchini.saute and sprinkle salt and pepper.

5 When it cooked, pour say sauce over.
good smell!!
6 Remove from the heat, sprinkle chive. Squeeze lemon juice if you like!


in Kauai island.


エビやホタテなどのシーフード料理が大好きなので、Shrimp Scampiを見つけると必ずオーダーしてしまいます。。



海老 260g
無塩バター 20g
にんにくみじん切り 小さじ1
ズッキーニ 80g
塩、こしょう 適宜
醤油 大さじ1
レモン 適量
細ネギ 適量

1 海老の尻尾の部分を残し殻をむき、背わたを取り除く。
2 フライパンを中火にかけバターを溶かしにんにくを加える。
3 そこに海老を入れて炒め、色がピンクになったらズッキーニを加え、塩こしょうをする。
4 全体に火が通ったら、醤油をまわしかけて火を止める。
5 お皿に盛りつけ、ネギを散らし、レモンをお好みで絞って召し上がれ〜。


  1. Hi, this is Mario! Greetings from California! Where did you learn English. You speak beautifully. Shrimp is definitely on my list of favorite foods. And your photos of the shrimp scampi remind me why I love this food. Your dishes always look so yummy. And awesome photography, my friend.

  2. Hi Mario, How are you doing today? and How is California?
    Thank you very much for your sweet comment!!
    I used to live in Maui and Colorado for 2 years. but I keep forgetting English..
    Shrimp Scampi is my favorite food too!!!
    It's simple, easy, but so delicious☆
    Hope you have a beautiful California day!




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