the Award!

I am awarded by Michael Toa from
Thank you so much!!!

and I received 10 questions the following. check out!

1. When did you learn to cook?
2. Name three things that are always in your fridge. 
3. Do you have any food guilty pleasures? 
4. Tell us about your most memorable meal...
5. What is your drink of choice?

OK. here we go.

1.  I picked up to cook from my mom and dad. I 've been learning seriously professional things from my dad since I backed from america. because he is a Japanese chef and he runs restaurant. My mom is not professional. but She used to bake bread, cake, cookie when I was little. and I love both professional and family style of food!

2. Milk, Chocolate and Tofu.

3. Deep fries. and Pie with vanilla ice cream. yummm.

4. Too many! I have funny memory with Thanks giving dinner. After I ate Turkey, I couldn't stop fall in sleep! I new that I shouldn't have sleep during dinner, but I did!!! I'm bad...

5. Green tea is my soul drink!

Did you have enjoy to read my answers? I hope so!


  1. It's nice to know a little bit more about you. I've enjoyed reading your blog and learn more about food from other cultures. Next to Italian, I think Japanese is my favourite cuisine. Have a great day.

  2. Hi Michael,
    I've been searching for the best method of Japanese recipe. because, I've been bit afraid how my Japanese recipe passed by my word for overseas... It can be inaccurate. (My english is not perfect and I think sometimes it's hard to find out the Japanese food ingredients from grocery in other country.)
    but I'm hoping if I can show you nice Japanese cuisine. so, Please tell me if my english is wrong or when you have question.
    Wish you have a beautiful day!




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