KAGAWA style recipe ' HYAKKA NO SEKKA'

Hi there!
I just visited (Also known as COOK SNAPS) office in KAMAKURA a few weeks ago.

I really love KAMAKURA  since it is nice and warm  seaside area.
It reminds me Hawaii where I spent beautifully memorable year. has been dedicated to mapping and sharing authentic recipe from all over the world.

It's very interested to me. Because KAGAWA style recipe wasn't not special to me.
You know, Local food isn't so fancy. It's always like a grandma thing. If the recipe is too familiar to you, you might feel it's boring.
But I realized it has more values of others.
Like, I do cook Japanese food almost everyday, it's not so special to me. But I expect people from another country could be interested in my recipe or what I 'm eating for everyday meals instead of SUSHI, RAMEN or TEMPURA.

So, I'm so lucky to have some chance to go to their office and I cooked KAGAWA local food 'HYAKKA NO SEKKA' in their Kitchen.

You can find my recipe below link.
Hope you love it!

Special Thanks for team!

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