Turkey Trip! トルコへ行ってきましてん!

I'm back from Turkey trip!
Hi there, How are you doing?
I've been to Turkey for a week, and I had a great time!

I heard that Turkish food is one of three major world dish. I had been interested in how its taste like.
Turkey is located middle east asia, so its mixed culture both european and asian.

I gonna show you Turkish food what I ate.
mushroom soup, bread, fried roll cheese, french fries, butter rice, spinach saute, grilled mackerel 
salad, potato saute, butter rice, Ram meat balls. 
swiss roll, rice pudding, yellow cake
I ate rice pudding many times when I was in turkey, I guess they likes rice pudding.

tomato soup. Its always welcome warm veg soup for my tummy.
apple chai!
One of things I enjoyed in turkey is Apple chai! cup is small and very cute. its sweetened. I saw turkish people is drinking chai everywhere.
potato gratin
saffron rice, kebab, pudding.
honey on yogurt. sprinkled poppy seed.
This honey was great!

Drink menu was in Japanese language. 
Turkish pizza, pomegranate juice.
Pomegranate juice is turkish local drink. Good for my skin!
tomato soup, boiled vegetable and soured red cabbage.
I saw red cabbage everywhere. Our tour guide told us that Turkey's food self-sufficiency rate is 100%. so, I saw same kind of seasonal vegetable again and again. but I think it is fine.
Japan's food self-sufficiency rate is now about 40%. Japanese food is known as healthy food, but I'm not sure 40% is healthy??
anyway, next.
those dessert was fantastic! good milk products in turkey.

morning food
beans soup?
salad, beans, mayo? with shrimp.
chocolate cake, pudding, dried apricot
There are tons of yum dried fruits in turkey. my favorite was dried fig and dried apricot.

hello again, tomato soup.
tomato sauce and yogurt on ravioli. 
Yogurt seems popular ingredients in Turkey. I honestly don't need yogurt with salty taste...

beef and zucchini stew? with butter rice.
breakfast @ Conrad hotel

shish kebab, deep fried cheese roll, french fries, butter rice. it wasn't so good... greasy!
Turkish airline has good food.
Souvenir   - Turkish cotton candy. pistachio flavor.
Souvenir   - Turkish delight. its like a chewy candy
Souvenir  - Chocolate covered Turkish Delight.
Souvenir  - dried mullet roe
Dried Mullet roe is much cheaper than in Japan!

Ahhh, I already miss Turkey!
It was very fun. and beautiful. I will show you other pics (but not food) next time.




  1. Thank you for sharing the food from Turkey. It is so interesting!

    1. Thank you for the comment dear DMBY!
      I've never been to European country, so yes, it was great food experience! very interesting♪

  2. I loved the food in Turkey! Did you eat any Turkish delight? It is so soft. I also love baklava with pistachios.

    1. Hello dear Sarah, Thank you for the comment!
      Yes! I ate Turkish delight! They have sample food everywhere and I bought it! chewy and sweet with some kind of flavor. I love it!
      I'm impressed by Turkish cotton candy 'Pişmaniye'. Its so tasty!




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