Food day - Oct 24th.

I still have interested in what american kids are eating.
It seems that getting much better and take a growing interest in school lunch after some healthy food movements for kids. I think that is wonderful!!!
I saw some nice article, tips, and news of American school lunch from internet. but, I'm still wondering... Has anything really changed in your home?
I mean, Have you ever taught your kids to respect food on dish in your home before 'Tell Congress'?

You believe that the main cause of food issue is Big company or Politics or Money.
Is that reason why you are not be able to make a change that much in your home?
It might be right. but I think it is not all reason.

I know this is not my business. I'm in Japan now. and I don't have children. I understand this is totally uninvited advice.
but, Please know, I used to working as an Nanny in the USA, and I still can't understand why so many american kids can be so picky?
Many of them don't like real food very much. and They frankly to say 'Yucky!','Ewww','Gross' or 'I hate it!'. then Parents says 'You don't have to eat. Just leave them.' What is that attitude???
Throwing away tons of food, paper cup and plastic plates at party every weekends. How come you are OK with doing that?
Waste something is making you happy??
I think those attitude led to bad food issue.

My grand father used to tell me 'Do not waste even a grain of rice.' He usually very calm and soft person, but he never let me waste food.
Just because, Farmers are working super hard to grow food, and its supposed to be rewarded.
I think that Old Japanese people has sense of wastefulness regarding  throwing food away. So do I!
We should thank for people who made your food, die for you, cook for you. etc.. and shouldn't waste their work which makes your life better.

So, Why don't you tell your kids  'Thank for the Food.'or 'Respect for the food' or 'Do not waste any food' today in your home?

Thank you for reading this article! and Sorry for my poor English..





  1. You are so right and thank you so much for the article. Your grandfather was absolutely correct and thank you so much for writing this.

    Go girl!

  2. Thank you for your very sweet comment, Oreneta!
    I've always been concerned about food of american kids. and I hope it will be move forward!
    Thank for reading!!!

  3. I think a lot of Americans were raised not to waste food because their grandparents grew up during the Great Depression. I was raised not to waste food. But we don't always eat healthy good food.

    In Japan there are always fresh and healthy foods available. In the United States poor people often don't live near a grocery store and can only go to a konbini. Even in a grocery store, bad food is cheaper than fruits, fish, and vegetables because the American government gives money to make soy and corn and potato cheaper. Also, the meat industry gives a lot of money to the government so that no one will check if the meat is clean or not. It is not usually good meat. Good food is not respected the same in America as in Japan because most of our food comes from very far away.

    Food is a complicated problem in America because we come from so many countries and have so many different food traditions. Plus our country is very big, and big business food is generally not good food. It is difficult to find really good food. Many Americans do not have enough money to buy really good food every week.

    Most American women work all day and do not stay home to be mothers. Businesses make everyone work late so that parents do not have time to make good food and spend a lot of time with their children. Our culture is work work work and family is not valued. Everyone is scared of losing their job because the economy is so bad.

    As you can see, food is a big problem here!

  4. Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Sarah!
    I understand America has lots of issue with food. and all is related to money, economy and politics.
    It is complicated...

    and, Japan has lots of issue, too.
    Japan is only about 40 percent food self-sufficient.
    Economy is so bad. Japanese mom work hard all day as well. and, I worry about radioactive contamination so far..

    Anyway, my point was, wealthy american have money, They go Whole foods or trader joes. So, they can get healthy good food from fancy grocery store. But, Why their kids are still picky eater?
    I think Food problem is difficult and so complicated. but kids are able to change if parents teach sincerely.

    I really hope the kids eat healthy and happy(^-^)

  5. I normally eat every single grain of rice!!! (recently I did a Bento with colored rice and I couldn't eat it.. but that's the only exception!) Do you know the scene in 火垂るの墓 where he tries to find something to eat and he finally finds a bowl with odl rice and is so happy and eats it all!?!? I get goosebumps from it.. never leave a grain of rice..

  6. Thanks for your comment ねこちゃん!
    Yes, I recognized movie '火垂るの墓'. I can't stop crying with that movie. So sad. and its so real.
    I think, If people could remember how happy and lucky with the food. They can't waste it.

    I just love the food very much(^-^)




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