Rough Note

I'm wondering if I could make a Cooking website in English which has a nutrition calculator function. It would be helpful to cook healthier food.
Unfortunately, I am not computer person... I've never even make it such as like videotape setting... you know, I just don't have that kind of sense...
But I will give it try.

Here is the Rough note, just for a sample that I can see what I want to do with website.

*I have a Bento Box, or I have a Plate. 

*I can find a food from each category. It suppose to classify into dish groups(ex: Entree, Side,Salad... ) ,Ingredients groups (ex:Vegetable, Meat,Egg...), Nutritional groups (ex:Protein,Carb,VitaminC...),Situation groups(ex:Home Party, Event,Potluck...).

*When I decide what I wanna cook, then I could see the Directions, Ingredients, Nutrition and calories. Also, If I enter how many servings, it calculate all of things. I could change units as well(ex: g,oz,lb,ml...).

*Drag favorite food to my Bento Box.
In the end, It should be show me total calories,nutrition, recipe, etc! Hopefully, it could print out all of data. then I can bring it when I go to grocery, and I can see the recipe when I cook.

It's just a my dream, but I'm hoping I could make this things come true.
It sounds tough!!!

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