Golden Week!

Golden Week!
April 29 , May 3 to 5 is Golden week, known as a big holidays in Japan.
Weather is so nice with fresh green, I mean little bit hot though!
well, I'm hoping if I cook something for kids on May 5. because it is Children's day in Japan.
Let's see I have enough time or not! I'm busy so far.


  1. Hi. My name is Michael and I live in the UK. I stumbled across your blog by accident and I'm very glad. I've been to Japan once about two years ago and it was wonderful. I cannot wait to come back. I love Japanese food.

    Anyway, I look forward to reading the rest of your blog. You can visit mine as well at where you can read about my current cooking project.

    Take care. Michael

  2. Hi Michael, Thanks for you comment!
    I've never been to UK. but I'm sure it's beautiful place.
    Did you have a chance to eat Takoyaki? Shabushabu in Japan? You would love it!

    I read your blog!
    Looks soooo delicious!!! I like those food. well, I didn't eat them though..

    Thanks, Michael!

  3. I think you should visit the UK one day.
    I didn't have takoyaki (next time perhaps) though I absolutely love octopus. I had shabushabu, lots of sushi, sashimi, bento rice and I love grilled eels. And I also love chawanmushi.

    I hope you had a great weekend. :)

  4. Hi Michael,
    Wow! I'm glad to know you love Japanese food!!!
    I'm visitting the USA so far. I like to see other food culture very much.
    yeah, I should visit the UK someday. I also interested in italy food and french food.




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