EDAMAME Salad 枝豆サラダ

Hi Hi!
How's everything going everyone?
Japan is horribly hot !! I don't need anything but EDAMAME!!!
Here is super quick healthy salad for you!
bon appetit!

*Ingredients* 4 serving
Shelled EDAMAME 1/2 U.S.cup
15 Boiled shrimp (small-medium)
1 tomato
1 and 1/2oz cheese
1 tbsp Dressing
Salt to taste
Cilantro (only if you like)

1. Prepare Edamame according to package directions. if you use frozen shrimp, prepare it as well.

2. Dice tomato and cheese.
3. Toss all ingredients in dressing. any dressing would be fine.(I used Italian dressing.)

4. Let it cool in a refrigerator.



*材料* 4人前くらい
さやを取った枝豆 1/2カップ強
茹で小エビ 15尾
トマト 1個
チーズ 45g
ドレッシング(お好みのもので結構です!) 大さじ1
塩 少々

1. 塩で揉んだ枝豆を熱湯で茹で、あら熱が取れたらさやから出しておく。(冷凍のものでもOK.)

2. トマトとチーズを角切りにし、冷えた枝豆と和え、お好きなドレッシングで和え、塩で味を整える。

3. 冷蔵庫で冷やしてできあがり!




  1. I am well. Thank you. And yourself?
    I love edamame beans. So, so good. This salad looks beautiful.
    I've been eating lots of cold soba noodles during the hot days.

  2. Surfing through the blogs, I ended up here.
    What good are your recipes and photos.
    Offer some interesting points, congratulations.
    I addition to your supporters so you do not lose sight of.
    If you like, go and see, you're welcome.
    Excuse my English

  3. Hi Michael!
    I'm glad to know you are doing well. I'm good! Thanks!
    I love Edamame very much! It's simply delicious. also healthy!
    Soba!? ohhh! Nice! I've been having SOMEN noudle during the Summer☆

  4. It's nice to meet you LaMagicaZuccam
    Thank you for your comment!
    I read your blog! oh Woooow! You make me soo hungry!!!
    I especially want to try 'Torta della nonna'! It looks so delicious!

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  6. Hello Vincent, Thank you for your comment and invitation!
    I'm in!!!
    I don't really know about french food. So, It's good to learn it from other blog!
    Thank you☆

  7. JUST FOUND YOU... So interested in this. Thank you so much for the duel translations easy to follow directions and lots of photos. PERRFECT as an instructional blog.

    Keep it up and consider sharing on

  8. It's nice to meet you Dave, Thank you for your comment! and invitation.
    I'm glad to know you like my blog!!! I'm trying to show the step by step directions.
    I checked your web site! It seems there are many great foods in there!!
    I will be in there!




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