Kinpira Gobo きんぴらごぼう

Kinpira Gobo is a popular traditional Japanese side dish made of burdock root and carrot. It’s both sweet and savory that is perfect for Bento box 🍱
Kinpira means a Japanese cooking method that you simmer and stir-fry with sugar and soy sauce, sometimes has hint of red chili🌶

I often make it as a meal prep.


*ingredients   ---2 servings---
1 burdock root (about100g =0.2lb)
1/3 carrot  (about 50g =0.1lb)
1 tbsp sesame oil
1 tbsp+1/2tsp soy sauce
1 tbsp sugar
1/2 tbsp  mirin (sweet cooking sake)
3 tbsp water
1/2 tsp white sesame seeds
1/2 dried red chili (optional)

Scrub or peel the burdock skin. Then diagonally slice thin strips so that each piece is about 2-inches in length.Cut into matchstick size and soak in water.

Rinse until water runs clear and drain well. Cut carrots into matchstick size as well.

Heat sesame  oil in a frying pan and cook the vegetables on medium heat for a few minutes. 

Add the soy sauce, sugar, mirin  and water, Cook until the liquid is almost gone.

Sprinkle on sesame seeds, red chili if you like.

kinpira gobo

*材料 2人分
ごぼう 1/2本(100g)
人参 1/3本 (50g)
ごま油 大さじ1
醤油 大さじ1と1/2
砂糖 大さじ1
みりん 大さじ1/2
水 大さじ3
白ゴマ 適宜

1. ごぼうを細切りにし、水に晒しておきます。人参も細切りにしておきます。
2. フライパンを熱し、ごま油を入れ、ザルにあけて水を切ったごぼうと人参を炒めます。
3. 全体に油が馴染んだら、調味料と水を加え、汁気がなくなるまで炒り煮にします。
4. 器に盛り付けて白ゴマをふって出来上がり。

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